Need A VO Now?

Sometimes a project comes in at the last minute and you need a voice over in a hurry. Sometimes you need a voice over after 5pm. Sometimes you need a voice over on a weekend. What do you do when you need that emergency, last minute, or after hours voice over?

Marc Scott – Professional Male Voice Talent

I’m a full-time professional voice actor with two decades of experience.

Need a voice over for a radio or TV commercial? Need a voice over for a corporate video or presentation? Looking for an eLearning narration? Need a voice over update to your phone system? On hold messages? Voicemail greeting? Do you need a professional voice over to tell your story for your explainer or whiteboard video?

Quick Turnaround

Do you really have time to sort through hundreds of auditions from a casting site? Do you really want to wait on a part-time or amateur talent to work on your project when they have a few free moments in their day? Probably not!

When you need that last minute, emergency or after hours voice over, send me your project details. In almost all cases, I offer delivery in 24 hours or less. Often times, I can deliver your fully edited voice over same day within a few hours.

When you need it now, let me give your words life!